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Richmond Township Assessor  Patricia O'Neill

Office Information

By Appointment: 7812 S. Route 31, Richmond, IL 60071
By Mail: 9903 W Hillshire Drive, Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: 1-815-678-2014
Fax: 1-815-862-1101
Illinois Department of Revenue
An Overview of Property Tax

What determines my property tax?
Your tax bill is based on two factors:
• equalized assessed value (EAV) of your property, and
• amount of money your local taxing districts need to operate during the coming year (i.e., levies).
I am Patricia O’Neill, and I am honored to serve as your Township Assessor. As a long-time resident of Richmond Township, McHenry, I use my unique understanding of the township to provide residents and business owners with the service you so greatly deserve.

My first priority is to provide the taxpayers of Richmond Township with fair and equitable assessments. I believe that exemplary service is the key to accomplishing this goal. My staff and I McHenry make sure that you are treated in a fair and compassionate manner whenever you have questions or concerns related to your assessment. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have. We believe that all your questions and concerns are important and McHenrydo our very best to make sure that we serve you in a courteous and prompt manner.

About Our Philosophy
Our top priorities will always be:

1) To administer accurate, fair and uniform property assessments and

2) To provide high quality and friendly customer service for the taxpayers of Richmond Township.

We will make every effort to provide information you need related to your property assessment. You are welcome to call us at (815) 678-2014, or email us at or use this website. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!
Exemptions Available to Homeowners

Illinois law currently provides taxpayers with four homestead exemptions which may reduce the total equalized assessed valuation by the mandated amount for each exemption prior to the computation of the dollar amount of taxes due. The exemptions are as follows:

1. Homestead Limited Exemption

This exemption will lower the equalized value of the property by a maximum of $8,000. To qualify, you must own and live on the property.

2. Senior Homestead Exemption

If you are the owner of a residential property, occupied it prior to Jan. 1 of the assessment year and turned 65 anytime during the assessment year, your equalized value may be reduced by $8,000 of assessed value.

3. Senior Assessment Freeze:

This exemption freezes applicants qualifying assessed valuation by establishing a base assessment year. This will be used to compute future taxes each year the applicant qualifies. This base assessed valuation will be used in computing the amount of taxes. You must file an annual application and meet age (65+), owner, and annual gross income criteria mandated by statute to continue to qualify.

For More Exemptions Visit Our Website

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