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Richmond Township Cemeteries

The Cemetery Board oversees four cemeteries:


  • Richmond Cemetery

  • Cedarvale Cemetery

  • North Solon Cemetery

  • Washington Cemetery

From Facebook
Richmond, Our Village of Yesteryear

Rommy Lopat 
September 25 2021

Thanks to Scott Freund and the Richmond Township Board for stepping up to repair the elegant mausoleum of Charles DeWitt McConnell in Richmond Cemetery. McConnell had no direct descendants to pay for a repair because he died in his twenties of appendicitis. However, he left money to build Richmond’s Memorial Hall, the lovely stained glass window in the Community Church (in memory of his father John and grandfather William Alexander), gifts for two elderly widows, and $2000 for this granite and marble mausoleum. He helped this town. His is the fanciest memorial in the Cemetery by far, and it’s great to know it will continue to stand here for a long time to come.

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