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Richmond Township Trustee Board

Township Trustees
  • Tracy Dickens
  • Scott E. Freund
  • Kostian Iftica
  • Kara Lotz

    Regular Meetings are held on the second Wednesday each month at 7:00 pm and are open to the public.

    Richmond Township Trustees Duties:  
  • Certify levies, adopt budget and appropriations, approve bills & give their input on township matters.
  • Richmond Township trustees assist with communication in the community and organizations.
  • Our trustees dialog helps keep the board current and focused on community priorities.
  • ​Constant feedback on road conditions and local group activities are just a few other examples.
The board of township trustees carries out orders prescribed for it by the electors assembled at a town meeting. Trustees are the legislative arm of the township, setting policy and procedure for the township supervisor to administer. They also have some duties that they must carry out as ordered directly to them by the General Assembly. The responsibilities of the trustees are numerous and they are critical to the proper functioning of the township. Trustees have major roles in auditing township bills, attending to annual budgeting and levy responsibilities, spending township funds, compensating township officers and many other township functions.

Richmond Township Cemetery Board

Members: Paul Hain-Treasurer/Secretary

Richmond Township Cemetery Board is comprised of three board members. The Cemetery Board oversees four cemeteries: Richmond, Cedarvale, North Solon, and Washington. 
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